As Quarter 3 of 2020 has reached its end, there comes the month of tax returns. Motor Carriers should file IFTA and other permit based states such as NY, NM, OR and KY if they travel interstate. Moreover, any minor mistakes may lead to fines and penalties of significant cost and, of course, more paperwork. The penalty for late filing is usually $50 for each filing, however, if the amount of tax file is great, it can be 10% interest rate too. Typical company can get in average of $50- $400 penalty amount per quarter if tax if filed late.

Our team of experienced professionals will be happy to help your company to file the taxes on time and avoid late filing penalties. With us, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes and/or submitting wrong information. Along with IFTA filing, we can assist you on other quarterly tax returns, such as HUT, WDT, KYU and etc. Our price for IFTA quaterly filings starts at $30.