International road check initiated by Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is 72 hour highly intensive and high volume inspections that are held on the weight stations and inspection points of USA, Canada and Mexico.

Each year, the emphasis is put on the certain categories of violations. This year, it will be on driver requirements component of roadside inspection. According to 2019 data of roadside inspections, out of 3.36 million inspections, nearly 960,000 violations were discovered and more than 199,000 were out-of-service violations.

Driver requirement components of inspections includes the collection and verification of driver documents, driver license and view of periodic inspection reports. It also contains, Medical Card check, proper seat belt usage, illness, fatigue and skill performance certification.

Those drivers who will be operating the vehicle without proper documentation and with illness or fatigue will be placed out-of-service.

If you are not sure whether your drivers or owner operators are compliant with those rules and regulations, we can help you! Call us to +1 919 224 9202 or write to us!

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