Information Systems Analyst

Under the supervision of the CEO of the company, work closely with company clients as well as partners on various projects to define, design, develop and test solutions. Maintain and coordinate quality communication with customers/clients throughout each project. Troubleshoot program and system malfunctions to restore normal functioning. Develop process maps and flowcharts to illustrate requirements; map functional requirements and work on the prototyping of CRM applications to transportation companies; maintain documentation that supports each project; facilitate user group meetings and document each meeting.

Information Systems Analyst: Define, design, develop & test solutions for transportation company projects, develop maps & flowcharts, work on prototyping of CRM applications for transportation companies. Maintain documentation for each project, facilitate and document user group meetings. B.Sc. in Business Information Technology req’d.

Send resume: GK Consultation, 225 E Broadway, Unit 308, Glendale, CA 91205.