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If you receive a traffic ticket for a moving violation, it can lead to many negative consequences. In addition to the monetary penalty, you can receive "points" on your driver's license. As a result,  your insurance can become significantly more expensive. For serious violations or if you accumulate many points on your driver's license, your license can be taken away. Excessive speeding, running a red light or a stop sign, disobeying a one way sign and many other violations in most cases can lead to serious negative consequences. The good news is that these fines can be fought in court. We can help you with that.

We have lawyers in all 50 states. If you have received a traffic ticket for a traffic violation, contact us or simply send us a photo of your traffic ticket/citation and we will offer you possible solutions. You can send us a photo of your ticket via email or a cell phone message. Our contact information is below.

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